Mokha Port

Port Authority: Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation.

Port Details:

  • The port of Mokha is situated to the south of Hodeidah more less equidistant between Hodeidah and Aden at position Latitude 13˚ 20 North and Longitude 43˚ 13 East. This port consists of one pier of 175 meters in length and 35 meters width allowing for vessels to berth either side. The port has a total of 4 sheds and is very limited in any cargo handling equipment. Therefore vessels calling at this port must have their own gear.

  • Port restriction: This port has a restriction on draft 26 feet and LOA of 150 meters. Pilotage and tugs are compulsory for berthing/sailing of vessels. Night time berthing is also permitted. It must also be noted that the port is expressed to open sea and can therefore be affected by weather conditions delaying berthing or sailing of vessels.

  • There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities at this port although fresh water and diesel oil can be arranged in limited supply via road tankers.