P&I Correspondence

We at The Hodeidah Shipping & Transport Co. pride our selves on having more than 20 years experience as Correspondents as such we have become the “eyes and ears” of the Associations that we have the pleasure of representing.

With our vast array of local knowledge the likes of being, port regulations, Maritime Law, Commercial Court procedures and local practices we are able to deal with the various problems which can confront the P&I Associations Members when their vessels are within the jurisdiction in which we as Correspondents are located throughout the Yemen.

We have offices at all the main Yemen ports being Hodeidah and Aden with sub branches at Saleef, Mokha, Ras Isa, Mukalla and Ash Shihr.

As an experienced P&I Correspondent we are able to immediately respond effectively and efficiently to any P&I related problem that the Members vessels may face.

Our professionalism is further enhanced by Hodeidah Shipping employing expatriate Master Mariners who now are our marine surveyors who with their years of experience at sea are able to attend to such matters as.

  1. Onboard cargo condition surveys

  2. Follow-up surveys at the receivers premises

  3. Initial and final draft surveys.

  4. On/Off hire Bunker surveys

  5. Hatch unsealing inspection

Hodeidah Shipping can arrange independent cargo tallies.

So as to further promote our professionalism we have our in-house Lawyers who are able to assist us in any legal related matter and to represent and protect Owners/Charterers interests should a matter be referred to the local courts.

We handle your claim from the outset right through to settlement and recovery.

Hodeidah Shipping act in the best interests of our Principals and as such this has earned us a good reputation with the P&I Associations and their respective Members.

Below appended are the Associations that we have the pleasure of representing.

  • The West of England P & I

  • The North of England P & I

  • United Kingdom Mutual Steamship Assurance

  • The Swedish Club

  • The London Steamship Club

  • The Ship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association

  • The Japan Ship Owners Mutual P & I Association

  • British Marine Club

  • The American Club

  • The Britannia Club

  • The Standard Club

  • The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association

  • The China Club

  • Northern Ship owners Defense Club

  • Noord Nederlandsch Club

  • Intercostals Shipowners P & I

  • Rates Club

Our Correspondents contact details are as below:

Hodeidah Office Aden Branch Office

Hodeidah Shipping & Transport CO. SYC.
Kilo 7, Sanaa Street,
P O BOX 3337, Hodeidah,
Republic of Yemen
+967 3 228543 / 228549
Fax: + 967 3 228533 / 228542
Direct: + 967 3 228850
Email: pnihod@hodship.net,
Covering: Hodeidah,
                   Ras Isa.

Hodeidah Shipping & Transport CO. SYC.
Thabet Building, Madram Road,
P O Box 5106, Maala, Aden,
Republic of Yemen
+ 967 2 246001 - 07
Fax: + 967 2 246013 / 014
Email: pni.ade@hodship.net
Covering: Aden,
                   Bal Haf,
                   Ash Shihr.


HASSAN A. KASSIM (General Manager)
Phone: + 967 3 228969
AOH: + 967 3 219121 / 219155
Mob: + 967 733248414
Email: hassan.kassim@hodship.net

Capt. Ali Ahmed Ali ( Asst. General Manager )
Phone: + 967 2 246010
Mob: +967 733762001
Fax: + 967 2 246013
Email: mgt.ade@hodship.net


Seham Noman
Phone: + 967 3 228850
Mob: + 967 777164838
Email: pnihod@hodship.net

Nigel Chevriot ( Shipping Manager)
Phone: +967 2 247584
Fax: +967 2 246013
Mob: +967 735398125
Email: nigelchevriot@hodship.net


Riam Abdullah
Phone: + 967 2 246019
Fax:+ 967 2 246013 / 014
Mob: + 967 736162962
Email: pni.ade@hodship.net